Sandra started cooking for my family weekly a few months ago, and it has changed our lives!  My husband and I are blessed with four kids - a 17 year old and 12 year old triplets - and own a growing company as well.  As our schedules became increasingly hectic we found ourselves going out to eat or making "box" dinners to survive.  Sandra has brought healthy, delicious food back to our table.  She works to understand our preferences and stocks the refrigerator weekly with freshly prepared meals we all love. The biggest benefit is feeling good about what we are eating, with added benefits of saving us both time and money.  She has quickly become an indispensable part of our team!

Ruth Farrar, Dallas, TX

Chef Sandra has always had a passion for food. Picking the perfect ingredients, planning just the right meal for each occasion and making every meal special seems to flow out of her natural talents and creativity.  I met Chef Sandra over 30 years ago and have been a guest at many events where she was entertaining with food. I was excited when she told me she was going to become a personal chef, and share her talents with so many other busy people like myself.

Chef Sandra recently hosted a private dinner party at my home in Los Angeles.  We were entertaining business clients/friends visiting us from Chile and we wanted a special meal prepared.  I reached out to Chef Sandra for help.  She planned, shopped and prepared a fantastic meal that my guests thoroughly enjoyed.  The presentation was exquisite and the food was fabulous. They loved her chicken breasts stuffed with goat cheese and sun-dried tomatoes and the delicious sauce that she drizzled over the top.  The parmesan-basil orzo was also amazing. The best thing of all is that the evening was delightful and I could enjoy visiting with my guests. Chef Sandra took care of everything. She is the consummate professional.

Lani Corbi, Los Angeles, California

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and for the past 3 years, I've been fortunate to have Chef Sandra prepare dinner for my entire family.  We are from Louisiana which is home to some of the most amazing food and I must say- Sandra's meals are consistently wonderful each year.  We used to do Thanksgiving in Louisiana but once we found Chef Sandra, we decided to stay in Dallas so we can enjoy her wonderful cooking.

We always order the traditional southern dishes such as her Cajun injected turkey served with her unbelievable homemade cornbread dressing and giblet gravy, greens, candied yams and macaroni and cheese which put a smile on my face.  For dessert, we always get the sweet potato pie and sometimes her rum raisin bread pudding with the best rum sauce I have ever had.  My parents also order extra dessert to take back with them to Louisiana and we order extras for leftovers.

Chef Sandra is also such a nice person with a passion for cooking.  She takes pride in the meals she prepares and is extremely professional and reliable.  It's also super simple. Everything is stored in containers that I can just stick in the oven.  We love Chef Sandra’s cooking.

Victoria Sheard, Dallas, TX