Personal Chef Service

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Are you stressed because you don't have time to cook healthy meals for yourself or your family?

Do you want to eat what you want when you want without having to lift a finger?

Do your meals require special ingredients because of your dietary restrictions (gluten-free, low-sodium, diabetic, etc.)?

Are you recovering from a surgical procedure and need healthy meals to help you heal?

Do you need healthy meals for an elderly family member?

Do you love to entertain guests, but would prefer to spend more time with friends instead of in the kitchen?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, or you are simply just too busy to cook, you need Chef Sandra!

prepping personal chef service in DallasA Personal Chef Service makes your life easier!

Chef Sandra offers professional, gourmet-quality meal preparation services. Your individual tastes drive the creation of your customized menu. When Chef Sandra cooks for you, you won't eat out as much, which saves money. You’ll also have more control over your diet and the quality of your food.

Imagine not having to ever wonder "What should I make for dinner."  Imagine the time you'll save on meal-planning and running to the grocery store--not to mention cooking and cleaning up afterwards!  You and your family will eat healthier and you will have more time to spend doing the things you love!

For individual or family dinner meal plans, Chef Sandra is just a phone call away!

  • Chef Sandra will customize your menu to make sure it meets your dietary needs and preferences prior to your scheduled cook date.
  • You'll have the peace of mind to know that your food was prepared in a sanitary environment, by a chef who is certified in safe food handling practices.
  • Chef Sandra shops for the finest and freshest available ingredients just hours before arriving.

How Does A Personal Chef Service Work?

Sample Personal Chef Service Menus




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