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Chef Sandra has always had a passion for food. Picking the perfect ingredients, planning just the right meal for each occasion and making every meal special seems to flow out of her natural talents and creativity.  I met Chef Sandra over 30 years ago and have been a guest at many events where she was entertaining with food. I was excited when she told me she was going to become a personal chef, and share her talents with so many other busy people like myself.

Chef Sandra recently hosted a private dinner party at my home in Los Angeles.  We were entertaining business clients/friends visiting us from Chile and we wanted a special meal prepared.  I reached out to Chef Sandra for help.  She planned, shopped and prepared a fantastic meal that my guests thoroughly enjoyed.  The presentation was exquisite and the food was fabulous. They loved her chicken breasts stuffed with goat cheese and sun-dried tomatoes and the delicious sauce that she drizzled over the top.  The parmesan-basil orzo was also amazing. The best thing of all is that the evening was delightful and I could enjoy visiting with my guests. Chef Sandra took care of everything. She is the consummate professional.

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Lani Corbi, Los Angeles, California