Our Food

Luxury cuisine made available for you. Whether its breakfast, lunch, or dinner, we use the finest ingredients to produce mouth watering, culinary masterpieces.

Prepared Meal Delivery

Save time and eat healthier with our prepared meal delivery service.  Delicious, gourmet meals can be on your table and in your fridge.  Set up your first service!

Chef Services

From personal chef to boutique catering, Fresh from the Gardens is ready to cater to your culinary needs and wants. Planning a private dinner for two, we can help you set the mood.  Give us a call to start planning today!

Canning & Preserving

Using fresh fruit and vegetables to create flavorful jams, jellies, and condiments are our thing!  Contact us today to try a few. 

Let Us Entice You!

The best way to experience our cuisine is to call us today. Follow the aromas and choose the most enticing dish to satisfy your palate.