Prepared Meal Delivery


Eating healthy does not have to be a chore. Schedule prepared meals to be delivered to your home.  Each meal is customized to your dietary needs and palate.


Fresh food is the key to increased energy and happiness.  In our prepared meals, we use the freshest, locally sourced ingredients.


Time is a commodity that many of us don’t feel we have enough of.  If you can step out of the kitchen and skip the grocery shopping trips, you can save time and enjoy great food.

Who Needs Meal Delivery

  • Working Professionals
  • Stay At Home Moms
  • Etc
  • Etc 
  • Etc
  • Etc

How Does It Work

  1. Contact Us
  2. Complete a food questionnaire
  3. Schedule your service
  4. The Fresh From The Gardens team shops for your groceries
  5. We prepare your meals and pack it for delivery
  6. You enjoy