Eat the Season...

Canning and preserving has been a mainstay in Chef Sandra’s life. She grew up learning how to pickle and preserve the harvest from their family garden. Now she is ready to share her handcrafted, gourmet condiments and preserved foods with you through the Fresh from the Gardens The Canned Garden Club!

With this membership, you will receive monthly deliveries ranging from jars of pre-selected, handcrafted condiments (jam, jelly, conserve, preserve, etc) to curated recipes, cooking demos, and more. In addition to your monthly deliveries, you will receive access to a private Facebook group where Chef Sandra will post cooking tips and tricks, bonus content, etc.  

Once you sign up for the membership, you will be locked in to the exclusive low launch pricing. As a Founding Member, your monthly cost will NEVER increase even as we expand our offerings! Since you will be able to provide invaluable input to the membership program, we will ask you for feedback periodically.


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