Your Personal Chef Service

STEP 1: Let’s talk about how you get started

You will complete a short food survey to help Chef Sandra determine your food preferences.

An in-home or telephone consultation is next. More specific details about your service, including frequency and number of meals you desire will be discussed. Portion sizes and packaging will also be discussed.

STEP 2: Planning your meals

One week prior to your agreed-upon cook day, Chef Sandra will present you with a menu created just for you. Upon your approval, Chef Sandra will prepare grocery and equipment lists for that cook day. Chef Sandra will not repeat any menu items for at least 6 months, unless you specifically request them

STEP 3: Chef time in your home

On the agreed upon cook day, Chef Sandra will shop for all the ingredients, come to your home and cook your meals. Before leaving, your kitchen will be left as it was found. Well almost. Your home will be filled with fabulous aromas and your refrigerator will be full of Chef’s Sandra’s amazing creations.

STEP 4: Reheating instruction and storage

What about storage? Chef Sandra will establish your plan for storing your food items. Upon completion of the meal, she will package your food according to the pre-established plan. You will be provided with reheating instructions and your food will be labeled accordingly.

Contact me now to schedule your consultation.