Falling in Love with Fall Produce

What’s in Season?


Beans & Peas
(Fresh Shell & Snap)
Squash (Summer Varieties)


Brussels Sprouts
Fava Beans
Green Onion
Mustard Greens
Squash (Winter Varieties)
Sweet Potatoes


This collection of recipes takes advantage of fresh, fall farmers market produce. Get inspired by recipes for apples, pears, grapes, pumpkin and winter squashes.

Read more: http://www.tasteofhome.com/recipes/seasonal-recipes/fall-farmers-market-recipes#10#ixzz3FbnclZZk


Fall into recipes:

Celebrating Farmers’ Markets

There are so many good reasons to support your local Farmers’ Markets and I hope you will get out and explore the markets that are in your location. For one, we rarely get a chance to connect with some of the people who are responsible for producing our foods.

I have been shopping at the downtown Dallas Farmers’ Market for several years and enjoy interacting with the folks at the Market. In fact, one of my favorite vendors who I used to barter a couple of jars of my canned goods in exchange for a few bunches of mustard or collard greens over 10 years ago is still a vendor.

The Dallas Farmers’ Market has some rich history, but has long needed a makeover. I am beyond thrilled to see the $65-milllion makeover that is currently underway.   The new Shed 3 is now open. Thankfully they have also removed parking from the shopping space.


These changes are going to bring some renewed interest to people wanting to visit the market and for good reason. With the addition of shopping, entertainment and residential living spaces, the new Dallas Farmers’ Market is sure to be a magnet to attract new people and bring old shoppers back.

New Restaurants at the Market

As a Personal Chef, I am especially thrilled about the opening of some new restaurants at the market. The restaurants that are opening will have some unique features. I network monthly with a group of local Personal Chefs (we are all members of the Dallas Chapter of the USPCA – United States Personal Chef Association). We are always looking for a new restaurant to check out and this is going to be on our list.

If you are an avid home cook, you might also be interested in something that restauranteur Joanne Bondy is planning to open her own interpretation of the restaurant-slash-gourmet market.. According to the press release issued by the Farmer’s Market, Bondy’s concept will focus on providing home cooks, local chefs and caterers with classic and modern stocks and sauces for their kitchens using only quality, all-natural and sustainable ingredients” and offering a small, seasonal menu of soups and sandwiches.


Here’s a little more that you can expect to see in the “new” Dallas Farmer’s Market.

  • The market plans to add five brand new “anchor” restaurants in a building called “The Market,” formerly known as Shed 2 and, restaurateur Shannon Wynne’s Mudhen, a chef-driven, light-fare restaurant that is scheduled to open at the Market in Spring of 2015.
  • In the new The Market building, Rex Bellomy, owner of Rex’s Seafood & Market in University Park, will bring his fresh seafood offerings for diners to both eat inside the restaurant and take home and prepare on their own. In the past, there have been seafood vendors that have occasionally set up shop at the Market, but Rex’s Seafood will be the first vendor there to offer fresh fish and seafood to market goers.

I visited quite a few markets over the past year or so, and these photos are from some of my visits – both near and far! What is the name of your favorite market and where is it located. Let me know!

Learn more about the benefits of shopping at your local farmers’ market.

Dallas Farmers’ Market –

Shopping with my son Timothy


Kauai, Hawaii – August, 2013

kauai farmers market Chinatown- Manhattan, NY – August, 2013

Market - Chinatown Manhattan

Desoto, Tx – Summer, 2013

desoto farmers market

Hollywood Farmers’ Market, Los Angeles, CA –

March, 2013 (with my daughter, Adrienne)

hollywood farmers market

Shop Local!

Benefits of Shopping at a Farmers’ Market or Local Grower

  • Many fruits and vegetables are seasonal, and you will find a wide range of them available in these markets. You are most likely to discover a number of freshly grown food items that you might have never seen before in a supermarket or grocery store. Be prepared to be amazed, thrilled, intrigued and invigorated by the huge variety of fresh produce you would find here.
  • Carting items from locally grown farms has various advantages. The shorter distances dramatically decrease fuel usage for transportation. Packaging is reduced, and the need for preservatives is almost non-existent. This results in foods that are healthier, fresher and tastier. The entire system is more eco-friendly as well. By eating locally grown food, less transportation is needed, thus cutting down emissions. According to David Suzuki, the average meal travels 1,200 km from the farm to your plate.
  • Local farmers need our support to thrive in their agricultural business. But more importantly, we need them for our own good. They supply us with healthy and nutritious fruits and vegetables that are grown organically. The diversity of crops grown by local farmers is also quite huge. We gain to benefit the most from their success. It is a perfect win-wi
  • You can learn of lot of new recipes by visiting these places. Most sellers would be happy to tell you how to cook tasty dishes with their rare and exotic food items. You can get to know one-of-a-kind recipes and try them at home next time to shop here.
  • Farmer’s markets can help build a better community as well. You can take your children along for shopping and help them to get a better understanding of how fruits, vegetables and other food items are grown and processed.
  • It supports the local economy. By buying food grown near you, you know that your money goes directly to those growing the food.